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College of Medicine Research Day 2021


College of Medicine Research Day 2021: Medical Education during COVID-19 Pandemic​

Conference date: 25.01.2021​​

Deadline for abstract submission: 06.12.2020

We invite all College of Medicine Students to submit th​eir research abstract for the College of Medicine Research Day 2021. This is a forum for students to present their research (in any discipline) as oral or poster presenta​tions. The research day will be online, utilizing live streaming for oral presentations and recorded videos for poster presentations“This activity will be credited by the SCFHS".​

Oral presentations will be 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. In total 16 oral presentations and an unlimited number of poster presentations. Best 4 oral presentations and best 4 poster presentations will be awarded by the Dean. Poster presentation is in the format of a recorded message showing the poster full screen, with recorded time of maximum 5 min.​​

General guidelines for abstract submission

Abstracts should be submitted using the following structure:​
      - Background  
      - Methods
      - Results ​
      - Conclusion 

For case reports ONLY use the following section headings:
      - Introduction 
      - Case Summary
      - Conclusion

 Please define abbreviations in full at first mention.
 Please don’t quote references in the ​abstract.
 Please ensure your abstract does not exceed the maximum word count of 350 words; submissions above this limit will not be accepted.
 Abstract content will be reproduced exactly as submitted, please avoid typographical errors.

Submitting author: The person who submits the abstract and to whom all correspondence will be sent. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to forward correspondence to the presenting author and other co-authors. All authors must approve the abstract submission.



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