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Development and Quality Assurance Unit



Track and manage the annual Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation workflow, to provide a sustainable process aligned with the program strategical goals, show best practices, detect problems, suggest solutions and to raise the work performance to the higher standa​rd.


  • 1. Improving the overall performan​ce and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives.
  • 2. Engage every stakeholder in the process of quality assurance.​

Strategic Goals

  • - Enhance academic programs that produce highly competent physicians to obtain national, regional and international recognition
  • - Improve College national and international ranking
  • - Strengthen the quality, quantity and impact of medical research and scholarly activities
  • - Engage i​n community services that promote population health and contribute to enhancing social accountability of the College
  • - Enhance the internal quality assurance system to ensure the sustainability of quality assurance processes and achieve the required national and international accreditation in a timely manner
  • ​- Enhance the integrations of the affiliated, medical cities to improve student learning, and enhance the participation of joint appointees in the College educational, research and community services activities
  • - Adopt a flexible and effective administrative and managerial structure that nurtures timely decision making​​​


Internal Quality Hierarchy:

COMR ​Quality Calendar​:



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