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 Student in Focus: Noura Alsubaie

Noura Alsubaie

         Since the first year of medical school, Noura alsubaie developed an interest in research, leading her to be involved in 10 research projects of which three have been published during her undergraduate program. 
         As students' representative at the Riyadh Campus College of Medicine Community Services Sub-Committee, Noura Alsubaie was part of enhancing extracellular activities and was involved in many of them. She led more than five campaigns to raise awareness towards medical conditions in the society and was involved in 20 projects, from being an organizer, speaker to content writing; she enjoyed spr​eading awareness and fulfilling her role as a future health advocate. 

         Her multiple talents, matched only by her dedication & sense of social responsibility, made h​er successfully integrate her medical education and computer skills with community building. This is exemplified in her use of her programming skills. She, and her colleagues, presented a Programming Academy Course for an entire semester for university students to teach those future health practitioners how to integrate programming in a health field setting; this was also effective in her role as leader of Information Technology in “Let us talk medicine”, an educational website that aids health profession students during their academic journe​​y.​


Research and Science Field: 

Leader of the 10th Annual Forum for Medical Research 2019 at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center
Leader of Research Summer School at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center
Research and posters Team Leader in organizing 2nd Therapeutic Discovery Conference. 
Developmental Medicine Laboratory Mentor in the 2nd Mawhiba High School Program 2018 in King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC)
Programming Academy Course presenter 
Information and Technology for Let's Talk Medicine website

Community Services:​

Leader of Medicine and nursing team at Effa volunteering group. 
Leader of epilepsy campaign ((داء العظماء 2021.
Leader of Brain tumors campaign 2021.
Leader of multiple sclerosis campaign 2021.
Leader of hayaakum (حياكم) 2019.

Noura Alsubaie

Noura plans to continue to be a health educator and lifelong learner while expanding her leadership, programming skills, as well as her research interests, to better understand how to give back to the society and care for those in need.