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Rehab Salem Aldawsari​

For me as a medical student athlete, there is one inescapable and terrifying truth: the day consists of only 24 hours! I was a multi-sport athlete; volleyball, basketball, soccer and squash but then I decided to focus on one sport. Being an athletic student means unsurpassable challenges due to both high athletic and academic demands. Most of the time the whole process seems overwhelming and impossible but teamwork and strict scheduling can make you achieve so much more than you could imagine! 

Major Honors/ Awards:

 Represented Saudi Arabia in The Arab Women Sport Tournament held in Sharjah, February 2020.

 First place in Riyadh Football League for 2018.

 First place in Korathon League held in KSU 2018.

 First place in Women’s Football League 2018.

 Second place in Riyadh Football League 2017.

 Third place in Sanad Children’s Cancer Support Association League 2017.

 First place in KSA10 Breast Cancer Awareness Program that has been held in PNU 2015​

Rehab Salem Aldawsari​

‎‏It was a privilege to have those experiences and achieve what I did along the way. From team playing to goal scoring; starting from our goalkeeper with good passes and coordination to the team offensers, all working together not only to win but to push ourselves to the edge of our own boundaries if not beyond them. In my environment, taking an athletic direction is viewed as an unnecessary and aimless burden, especially as a woman, but I aim to always continue to grow and adapt to different situations through this path of further development both personally and professionally.