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Pharmacy Technician Diploma (PTD)


The creation of the Pharmacy Technician Diploma marks a recent initiative by the College of Pharmacy to meet healthcare demands on a national scale, aligning with the Saudization plan under the umbrella of Saudi Vision 2030. This program aims to tackle key priorities, including minimizing medication errors, enhancing medication adherence, and expanding healthcare accessibility. By providing comprehensive pharmacy education, the program intends to boost the pool of skilled pharmacy technicians, alleviate the burden on pharmacists, and contribute to a reduction in overall expenditure.​​


Graduate highly qualified pharmacy technicians who serve the national needs and enhance the quality of patient care​.​


  1. 1. To graduate competent pharmacy technicians who can fulfill their role within the pharmaceutical care services.
  2. 2. To graduate pharmacy technicians who will promote healthcare outcomes by supporting the pharmacists efficiently.​

Graduate Attributes

  • *Integrate into a team-based approach to pharmaceutical care
  • *​Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior
  • *Communicate effectively and appropriately
  • *Promote medication safety
  • *Promote health care and wellness
  • *Adapt to technological advances in the profession

Admission Criteria

  • *The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • *The applicant must have a Saudi high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • *The applicant must be a recent graduate (graduated within the last three years).
  • *The cumulative average in the high school (health and life) track should not be < 90%.
  • *Pass the medical examination.
  • *The applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student.​

Study Plan​​​

Pharmacy Technician Diploma Study Plan, 250224.JPG