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Student Affairs

Student Affairs works to provide services and support for students at College of Pharmacy to enhance student growth and development.​

General ​Overview of Function

images.pngStudent Affairs implement the schedules of lectures and session/activities and ensure that they are correct and students are well informed through the following:
         images.pngPosting printed updated schedule
         images.pngEmail Notification
images.pngWork closely with Academic Affairs to confirm daily schedules of the current courses and be aware of any modifications that may occur
images.pngAssist in outside and/or off-campus activities
images.pngMonitor and enforce the daily attendance of students’ activity
images.pngPrepare letter of counsel and warning for students nearing the danger zone (10%/15% / 20% / 25%) of absence
images.pngNotify and counsel students with poor academic standings
images.pngPrepare a variety of correspondence for students, please see Form Index.
images.png​Ensure student’s request, clinic appointment, medical coverage and other related issues are addressed accordingly