I. Processes Section

Notations Used in Process Maps

OS – 1. General Administrative Communication

OS 1.1 Official Stamp

OS – 2. Mailing

OS 2.1.1 Handling of Incoming Official Correspondence and Confidential Matters

OS 2.1.2 Handling of Outgoing Official Correspondence and Confidential Matters

OS 2.2 Internal Mail Delivery

OS – 3. Printing and Press

OS 3.1 Installation and Maintenance of Copier Machines

OS 3.2.1 Supply of Stationery

OS 3.2.2 Statement Printing

OS 3.2.3 Business Cards

OS – 4. Archiving

OS 4.1 Archiving Management (Storage and Maintenance)

OS 4.2 Document of Information Retrieval

OS 4.3 Record Retention Period and Disposal

II. Policies Section

  1. General Administrative Communication
  2. Mailing
  3. Printing and Press
  4. Archiving

For more details or getting any policy, please contact Office Services Department at email:officesvcs@ksau-hs.edu.sa