I. Process Section 

SAS – 1. Security  

SAS-1.1 Incident Resolution and Log Maintenance

SAS-1.2 Camus and Residential Area Security

SAS-1.3 Control Room (CCTV Surveillance)

SAS-1.4 Access Control

SAS-1.5 Parking Control

SAS-1.6 VIP Security

SAS-1.7 Security Treat and Risk Management

SAS-1.8 Security Planning and Reporting

SAS – 2. Health and Safety  

SAS-2.1 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

SAS-2.2 Equipment Health and Safety Compliance and Control

SAS-2.3 Incident and Emergency Management

SAS-2.4 Internal Health and Safety Audit

SAS-2.5 Fire Safety

SAS-2.6 Accident Investigation and Reporting

II. Policies Section

  1. Security
  2. Health and Safety  

For more details or getting any policy, please contact Support Sevices Department (Security and Safety) at email: securityservices@ksau-hs.edu.sa