I. Process Section

SS – 1. Transportation  

SS-1.1 Shuttle Bus Services 

SS-1.2 Tram Services 

SS-1.3 Vehicle Allocation  

SS-1.4 Vehicle Service  

SS-1.5 Vehicle Preventive Maintenance   

SS- 1.6 User Requests and Complaints 

SS-1.7 Vehicle Registration and Renewals  

SS-1.8 Vehicle Service  

SS-1.9 Fuel Administration   

SS- 1.10 On-Site Motorist Assistance 

SS-1.11 Outside the City Trip Requests   

SS- 1.12 Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims 

SS – 2. Environmental Services  

SS-2.1 Environmental Services Monitoring and Reporting 

SS-2.2 Waste Management and Cleaning Services 

SS-2.3 User Request and Complaints  

SS – 3. Housing Services  

SS-3.1 Housing Allocation and Resident Agreement 

SS-3.2 Resident Complaints 

SS-3.3 Service / Maintenance Requests  

SS-3.4 Event Booking  

SS – 4. Food and Catering Services  

SS-4.1 Food Services for Students 

SS-4.2 Catering Service for Employees 

SS-4.3 Food Outlets Monitoring and Inspection  

SS – 5. Meet & Greet  

SS-5.1 Airport Pickups and Drops for Visitors and New Employees 

SS-5.2 VIP Protocols 

SS-5.3 Travel and Hotel Booking 

II. Policies Section

  1. Transportation Services
  2. Environmental Services
  3. Housing Services
  4. Food and Catering Services
    • Food and Catering Policy
    • Food Services for Students
    • KSAU-HS Food Outlets
  5. Meet and Greet
    • Airport Pickups and Drops for Visitors and New Employees
    • VIP Protocols
    • Travel and Hotel Booking

For more details or getting any policy, please contact Support services at email: supportservices@ksau-hs.edu.sa