4.  Major University Departments

2.1. Administrative and Financial Affairs

The Administrative and Financial Affairs is concerned with supporting the mission of KSAU-HS through managing and planning the university’s resources and providing financial and administrative services to the University with high level of effectiveness and efficiency. The department assigned the task of supervising the following sub-departments:

·         Finance Department: is concerned with managing the available funds and ensuring the effective implementation of all relevant policies and procedures in order to achieve the university’s strategic plan, goals and vision, thru implement financial operations such as, salary payment of university’s administrators, faculty members and contractors’ entitlements. Also, preparing the closing account at the end of the fiscal year and controlling the advance payments and petty cash according to the approved funds for King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences within the financial and accounting instructions and regulations issued by Ministry of Finance in an effort to raise the efficiency of financial spending, serving the university and its employees, and delivering financial dues to those who are entitled in the easiest way.

·         Manpower Services Administration: Supports the departments’ needs of positions. Its main function is to plan for the organization’s Manpower needs based on each department’s function, current situation, and future plans. It also provides an equal career advancement opportunity to all qualified administrative staff. Furthermore, ensuring that salaries and benefit plans are competitive, and that they are designed and managed to attract and retain manpower of the highest quality; and that employee packages are in alignment with university policies and guidelines.

·          Human Resources and Payroll Services Administration: The department is dedicated to process records and payments for all University faculty, staff, and students including their benefits and disciplinary actions. It also provides an adequate training and development to all eligible staff. Moreover, they are in charge of the Archiving System, Data cleansing, Self Service, Certificate of Employment, and KSAU-HS Mobile Attendance App. In addition, the department is responsible to provide government relations services and office services for the entire University.

·         Administrative and Support Recruitment Services: The primarily task of the department is to identify, assist, and recruit in a fair and consistent manner for the entire University.

·         Employee Relations and Engagement: is committed to provide unparalleled assistance, services and programs that promote and strengthen the positive working relationship of all the employees in all levels within the KSAU-HS thus, reduce workplace problems/conflicts, increase employee’s morale, engagement, loyalty, and overall productivity.

·         Communications Department:  The Communication Department seeks to align between the University’s needs and the telecommunications technologies and services. Moreover, the department implements, operates, and maintains the telecommunications systems based on global standards and best practices. Thus, it ensures delivering professional support for all communications functions and secure day-to-day operations' requirements, including: IP-Telephony solutions, Call Centers, SMS, Mobile, Push-to-Talk PTT, Fiber-to-Home FTTH and Public Internet Wi-Fi.

·         Performance Management: Responsible for handling employees' performance reviews or appraisals based on established standards and developing guidelines to correct and improve the performance of employees in accordance with the university policies and procedures.

·         Administrative Organizational Development: provides the design and delivery of people and organizational development to ensure proper governance and development of all operational departments by developing and improving the Delegation of Signatory Authority Guide, Operational policies & procedures, and organizational design in accordance with University vision and mission.

2.2. Technical Affairs

The General Directorate of Technical Affairs

The Technical Affairs (TA) is responsible for meeting the needs of the ever-developing university campus in terms of operation and maintenance, repair, new projects, for all three regions in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Ahssa. TA progressively develop competence in technical engineering and building maintenance, to propose and implement solutions on regulatory compliance, economic and environmental performance to ensure full operation, safe and healthy work environment. Within this division, there are the Project Administration is responsible to facilitate and expedite the pre and post Projects Execution stages for Technical Affairs General Directorate Projects. Assuring meeting Projects Process requirements of LCM and Finance Department to all Projects, Corporate Utilities and Maintenance Operations, regional Technical Affairs Department with the various sub-departments of: Utilities and Maintenance, Design, Engineering, Building Services and Project Task Force, Project Management Office, and regional Healthcare Technology Management Services (HTMS).  The functions of these sub-departments are:

1.    Technical Affairs consists of the following:

·         Utilities and maintenance department: The Utilities and Maintenance department (U&M) manages, operates, and maintain all utilities plants and distribution systems of KSAU-HS’s buildings and campuses, which is a continuous activity, keeping mechanical and electrical systems and building structures functional and safe to operate and live in. Maintenance and repair functions are performed according to regular schedule or as the need is determined through scheduled and special inspections conducted by U&M personnel. Preventive Maintenance is carried out to reduce the number of emergencies, equipment breakdowns. Emergency maintenance and utility interruptions when situations are observed which appear to require immediate maintenance or repair attention to either prevent or resolve an emergency. U&M also assist other departments wishing to purchase new or replacement equipment to help assure a smooth change out and to assure that the new installation complies with current codes and standards and to assist them to provide pre-installation requisites.

·         Design Office: This office is in charge of developing plans, programs and producing the design with cost estimates of in-house and outsource approved projects relative to the specified requirements of the end-user/client.

·         Engineering Services: It integrates the design and construction, reviews contract documentations, civil, structural, electrical and mechanical drawings prepared by the successful contractors for the new projects. Engineering Services is implementing and supervising the work executed by the contractor, confirming the suitability of building materials and components. It is also ensuring National and Interactions standards of civil, structural works, Civil Defense and Safety aspects and also to provide required guidance to the contractors to facilitate their works. Moreover, it participates in final commissioning and handover of completed projects in coordination with all the stake holders’ /end users.

·         Building Services and Project Taskforce: It carries out the smaller construction project requirements for refurbishment and modification of existing facilities and complexes. Their work is done under the supervision of “Engineering Services”.

2.    Healthcare Technology Management Services: It is responsible for all medical equipment issues. This department ensures the delivery of necessary engineering, technical expertise and consultation to assess, recommend and select medical equipment, while providing continuous user training on all related equipment. A registry of all University medical equipment is available and updated for information to determine equipment life-cycle cost and utilization.

3.    Project Management Office: This office oversees, manages, and monitors the progress of projects up to successful completion.

2.3. Logistics services

Logistics services composed of the following identity:

·         Procurement Services:  It is the process of finding and agreeing to terms acquiring goods, services or works from an external source; often via tendering or competitive bidding process through governmental ETIMAD platform.

Generally, procurement involves making buying decisions under conditions of scarcity if data is available. Procurement as an organizational process intended to ensure that the buyer receives goods, services, or works at the best possible price (quality, quantity, time).

·         Contracts Management:  It is a management of contracts made with customers, vendors and partners.  Contracts management includes negotiating and ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as documentation and agreements on any changes or amendments that may arise during its implementation or execution.

·         Tender Section:  Preparing the Scope of Work (SOW) and the Bill of Quantity (BOQ) in coordination with the beneficiary administration. Ensuring that the SOW and BOQ are meet to the requirement of offering with accordance to the Government competition and procurement system presentation to the spending efficiency authority and the local content authority to localize projects for high-value competitions, putting up competitions with an accreditation platform to obtain offers establishment of technical committees’ analysis and evaluation of offers. Submitting copies of the contract to the following government organization:

·         Ministry of Finance

·         General Court of Audit

·         General of Spending Authority

·         Zakat, Customs and Tax Authority

·         General Organization for Social Insurance 

·         Purchasing Services: Purchasing Services is responsible for Industrial equipment, office supplies, furniture, supply and installations. Identifying the items/goods/services that can have best obtained. Develop, evaluate and determine the best suppliers, price and delivery. Preparation and implementation to ensure timely action from receipt of requisition thru delivery and final payment.  

·         Materials Management:  Materials Management is responsible for planning, receiving, storing and distributing, clearing from customs, if applicable, all requirements needed by departments and colleges under KSAU-HS. It contains of four sections, such as Receiving, Warehousing, Distribution and Customs. It covers all aspects of material costs, supply and utilization. It includes purchasing, production control, shipping, receiving and stores. A procedure to maintain stocks between the minimum/maximum levels to ensure that this supply of stock is on hand in all regions for any given items to meet the requirements of End-users.

·         Property Management:  Property Management responsible for KSAU-HS assets; such as buildings, equipment, furniture, medical and non-medical equipment. Its function is to track all assets movements and conducting annual inventory to all departments and colleges under KSAU-HS.


2.4. Support Services Affairs

Support Services

The Support Services ensure that all function of management in the University three campuses are optimally managed. The department is assigned the task of supervising the following sub-departments:

·         Housing Administration Services

·         Transportation Services

·         Food Contract Operation Services

·         Environmental Services


Security & Safety Services: The department ensures the security and protection of staff, students and University premises assets. This also includes services and consultation in areas related to emergency response, criminal investigations, risk assessments and crime prevention awareness.

·         Security Department

·         Safety Department

·         CCTV

·         Badging Office

·         Fire and Safety Services


Employee Social Club: The department provides quality support and services to the KSAU-HS employees/students to ensure that the emotional and physical health aesthetics of each individual is well maintained and active. The department is subdivided into four sub-departments wherein each sub-department offer numerous services and high standard equipped facilities.

Below are the services offered and the facilities provided by each sub departments:

·         Business Development Department

·         Sports Complex for students (both Genders)

·         Housing Recreation Facilities (Staff Recreation)

·         Early Childhood Education Facilities (UCC)

2.5. University Relations and Media Affairs

University Relations and Media Affairs aim to enhance the communication of the University. It is working to strengthen the communication with all stakeholders and/or internal and external audience. It introduces the community to all the Academic and Scientific programs and initiatives. The department continues to seek and employ the latest Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to achieve the vision, mission and goals of the University. The department monthly publishes University Newspaper “The University Pulse”. Through the magazine, Relations and Media can communicate with KSAU-HS community about the latest and most updated events and achievements of the University. The main goals of the department are:

·         Raising the level of awareness and knowledge of KSAU-HS as a specialized University in health sciences.

·         Define programs and academic disciplines that are offered in the University

·         Promotes the University's identity in a positive way.

·         Introduce the University achievements in the fields of education, scientific research, and community service. In addition, it defines the role of KSAU-HS in the scientific developmental renaissance in Saudi Arabia.

·         Strengthening the channels of communication between the University and its employees in order to achieve their highest level of job satisfaction.

·         Strengthening the channels of communication between the University and its students aiming to reach excellence in academic and non-academic fields. 

·         Participate with the academic and administrative departments in the University in order to manage and organize their occasions and promotes a positive image of the University.

·         Enhance the university’s role in community service and volunteer support for university employees to contribute to social responsibility.

·         Organizing KSAU-HS events and conferences in a distinguished and professional manner that keeps pace with the university's image and distinction.

·         Building strategic partnerships with external parties and universities nationally and globally in a positive and constructive manner.

·         Contribute to the quality of Arabic content on the Internet through the production of health awareness and educational content through KAAHE.


2.6. Information Technology Services

Create a distinctive work environment for all faculty, staff and students using all the resources provided and aligned with the University's 2030 vision. Developing innovative technical services and establishing a secure infrastructure, to reach an effective operating environment in line with the university's aspirations and strategic objectives.

The department is divided into the following sub-departments by function:

·              IT Security: Responsible for protecting KSAU-HS IT infrastructure, edge devices, networks, and data. More granularly, they are responsible for preventing data breaches and monitoring and reacting to attacks.

·              Enterprise Architecture and Governance: Provides and maintains the middleware layer of all systems’ integration, through Service Oriented Architecture and to engage with business executives, senior managers and IT professionals, and to help them to protect and secure their intellectual capital, comply with relevant regulations, and thrive as they achieve strategic goals through better IT management. Further, they perform strategy planning and strategy reviews, in addition to Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence Analytics.

·              Infrastructure Services: Responsible for the administration of internal and external data communication flow. Furthermore, they are responsible for maintenance of infrastructure services and Data Center and all its components which contain all the hardware and software that are required to run KSAU-HS systems.

·              Enterprise Applications and Development: Responsible for the development, support, and maintenance of enterprise applications. They provide application development, creating any customized applications for the university business stakeholders (supporting Procurement, Finance, HR, and Payroll departments).

·              IT PMO: Responsible for maintaining benchmarks for Project Management. They have to ensure that all the processes, operations, quality of deliverables are managed efficiently. They provide guidance and standards in the execution of projects.

·              IT Quality: They are responsible for testing products and identifying deficiencies, investigating product quality in order to make improvements to achieve better customer satisfaction. They also plan, create and manage the overall Quality Planning Strategy, collaborate with the Product Development team to ensure consistent project execution, identify quality assurance process bottleneck and suggest actions for improvement, oversee continuous improvement projects, and Identify key KPIs for product quality.

2.7. Corporate Educational Technology Services

The role of Corporate Educational Technology Services (EduTech) has many facets, from integrating technology with education to offering technical support to the users across the University.  The EduTech department is responsible for the development and operations of the many innovative educational systems adopted by the University. This department is charged with managing the educational information technologies, policies and procedures, web services, as well as instructional technology and software. EduTech supports the growing needs of the University by providing the necessary support for email accounts, file sharing, as well as smart classroom support. The department initiates, manages, and supports appropriate technological advancement which will support the continued growth and development of educational resources.  Additionally, the department operates the University’s educational system servers and digital services, oversees and supervises IT departments in the colleges and provides technical support and training for its employees. The department aims to provide the University community with easy, safe and trusted access to information for educational and research purposes from anywhere and at any time.

The EduTech Department provides the following support services for KSAU-HS Staff, Faculty and Students:

·         E-Learning Services:

1.    Learning Management System (Blackboard)

2.    Virtual Classroom Support

3.    Recording and broadcast lectures

4.    Assessment System

·         Classroom Technical Support and Helpdesk System

·         Student Information System (SIS)

·         Library Management System

·         Online Admission System

·         Website development and hosting in collaboration with ITS

·         Online and mobile application development

2.8. Corporate Legal Affairs

Corporate Legal Affairs aims to build a culture of commitment to legal principles and values within the University through the optimal implementation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s rules and regulations; thus, achieving justice and integrity while preserving the rights of the University leadership, faculty and staff. 

·               Litigations: Representing the University before Courts and Judicial Authorities in all legal matters in which the University is involved. Litigations also takes part in preparing memoranda, preliminary responses and appeal regulations, in addition to completing statements and litigation proceedings.

·               Legal Consultations: Providing timely, strategic and accurate legal advice to all University entities, and participating in reviewing and auditing the University contracts, agreements and pledges.

·               Investigation: Investigating administrative and financial violations, as well as all investigation issues referred to by the President of KSAU-HS, in addition to investigating lost, stolen or damaged properties within the University and its facilities.

·               Follow up and Implementation: Following up the implementation of recommendations approved by the University President, as well as the recommendations approved by Investigation/ Grievance Committees.

2.9. Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit is an independent appraisal and consulting services established to improve and assist all levels of management in achieving the goals and objectives of the University through a systematic, disciplined approach and to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the overall processes including but not limited to efficiency, productivity, and internal controls. Accordingly, Internal Audit provides the Executive Management with tactical audit review and cost appraisals of all University program sites and its associated facilities in ensuring the highest provision of quality education and services by promoting effective internal controls through diligent audits, with the objectives of compliance to University policies and procedures, internal controls and an economical and efficient utilization of all resources, Special Consultancy Services and handling of Administrative and Financial Complaints. The department is assigned the task of supervising the following sub departments:

·         Financial Audit: Conducts audit of the financial transactions and adequacy of physical control over assets, system of authorization and approval and separation of duties between operations and custody of assets. Evaluates and determines whether the financial transactions are in accordance with the established policies and procedures, determine whether the financial reports, elements and accounts are fairly presented; determine whether general accounting principles have been adhered in all financial dealings.

·         Operational/Compliance Audit and Inspection: Conducts reviews on University operational activities and projects to ensure effectiveness and efficiency and recommend improvements. Performs General Services Inspection at various University sites and facilities to ensure compliance with program policies as well as maintenance of inspection database management.

o   Inventory Control Audit: Conducts audit on Inventory Control Management to minimize the wastage and deterioration of stocks through reviewing the implementation of inventory control measures as well as performance of annual/cyclic/physical counts. Monitor’s implementation process of inventory control functions throughout the regions and develops inventory control related business plans.