​​​​​​​​​3.  Vice Presidencies


1.1. ​Educational Affairs Vice-Presidency

            The Vice Presidency of Educational Affairs works closely with the President to ensure that high standards in both education and research are maintained throughout the three university campuses (Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Ahsa).  The Vice Presidency provides visionary leadership for strategic and institutional planning, and maintains oversight of the academic and administrative functions of the colleges to ensure that curricula and instruction reflect the mission and goals of the university.  The Vice Presidency works collaboratively with the Deans to development new academic programs and acquire world-class curricula through collaborations and curriculum license agreements with esteemed universities worldwide.  Through the Deanship of Admissions & Registration, the Vice Presidency establishes criteria for student selection, and promotes admissions transparency. Educational Affairs propagates a campus culture that promotes academic excellence through the selection and development of a distinguished faculty, and fosters creative and innovative learning environments for both students and faculty through the Corporate Educational Technology Services, which provides access and support for essential technology tools that support teaching and research.  Moreover, Educational Affairs plays a major role in supporting student engagement with the community through student activities that are organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs.

1.2. Postgraduate Education Vice-Presidency

            ​The mission of the Vice-Presidency of Postgraduate Education is to promote excellence in Postgraduate Education and lead its distinguished Health learning activities in all areas. Furthermore, it supports KSAU-HS faculty in scientific promotions and prepares outstanding scholars and graduate students in a diverse and stimulating academic environment. Additionally, the Postgraduate Education is committed to raising the efficiency of KSAUHS professionals through the academic, educational, and training health programs to provide an interactive knowledge environment for all scholars, graduate students, healthcare providers, and allied health professionals where pioneering and distinguished health scientific activities are organized through the services provided by the Deanship of Postgraduate Education in all KSAU-HS in cooperation with local and international health education and training institutions. Moreover, scientific associations are another postgraduate education area that had endeavored to establish and develop several scientific societies specializing in the scientific fields of academic programs at KSAUHS, communication with the community to increase awareness.  

1.3. ​Development and Quality Management Vice-Presidency

              The Development and Quality Management Affairs (DQMA) is established to manage planning, development and quality in the University. The DQMA mission is to be creative and innovative to achieve excellence and sustainable quality in health-professions education that fulfil the University mission. DQMA is leading the process of accreditation at the institute and program levels, which will assess the University to identify gaps in its processes and launch specific projects that will further enhance the academic environment and culture of quality to ultimately reach excellence and sustainable high quality. DQMA established Statistics and Documentation Unit to assess the University in organizing and managing activities related to the planning and monitoring of regional strategic plans and implementation of statistics.

Another major task of DQMA is to reconstruct, and oversee the different components of the strategic plan based on the current situation in three campuses Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al-Ahsa. The DQMA welcomes any initiatives and suggestions that will bring inputs in its planning and development processes and further enhances business processes.

Furthermore, and in line with the ambitious “Vision 2030” of the Kingdom, which set a target for Saudi Universities to strive to achieve of having at least 5 universities ranked among the top 200 internationally; the University aims to have advanced international rankings as part of its own Strategic Plan. In order to reach and exceed these ambitions, the University is tracking several leading international ranking systems, such as: Times Higher Education, QS Rankings, and Webometrics, Greenmetrics, and setting short-term and long-term action plans through the Strategic Planning and Performance Management Standing Committee to improve the University performance in different ranking systems. These action plans focus on teaching, research and ritations, reputation, and staff and student composition, all of which have a direct impact on the excellence of the University, and its international competitiveness.

The Development and Quality Management Affairs has the following strategic goals: ​

1.        Ensure and monitor institutional quality assurance operations.

2.        Provide leadership in bylaws development and institutional organization and governance.

3.        Provide guidance and oversight of KSAU-HS Strategic Planning process.

4.        Conduct continuous improvement efforts to enhance KSAU-HS recognition and global ranking.

5.        Establish KSAU-HS Institutional Advancement to diversify funding streams.

6.        Support KSAU-HS efforts to improve efficiency through automation of processes and data.

​​​1.4. Scientific Research Vice-Presidency

The Vice Presidency for Research is aimed to oversee and coordinate activities related to research, innovation and creativity. It is also aimed to coordinate the activity of KAIMRC within the University. This Vice Presidency is in the process of launching. ​

​​​​1.5. Female Student Affairs Vice-Presidency​

​Vice-Presidency of Female Affairs (VPFA) ensures providing high-quality management and support to all female campuses.  VPFA mission is to promote leadership by providing high-quality academic and administrative management and support to all female campuses to fulfil the university mission. VPFA is responsible for the administrative management and non-direct academic issues in the female colleges/ female branches. VPFA is working on continuing upgrading the female campus infrastructure/environment to improve the quality of education, and utilizing the resources efficiently to meet the campus needs. VPFA ensures encouraging women to have excellence in their achievement. Moreover, VPFA is building positive relations and communication with all sectors within and outside the university through an exchange of administrative and scientific experiences.  Vice-Presidency of Female Affairs has the following goals:

1.        To empower and develop female faculty, staff and students.

2.        To ensure participation of female faculty, staff and students in the institutional governance, strategic planning, and decision making. 

3.        To facilitate solving students’ administrative issues.

4.        To encourage active participation of female faculty and students in research and community services.

5.        To facilitate the coordination and collaboration among the female campuses.

6.        To support in the execution of internal quality assurance system and performance management tools.

7.        To promote a positive environment in the female campus.​