KPIs Dashboard:

KSAU Performance Indicators Dashboard: Is software established to facilitate the management and analysis of data presented as KPIs. The KPI is a performance measurement tool used to assess University academic and administrative departments performance. KPIs Dashboard is a dashboard ​that simplify visualisations of institutional performence.​

To provide effective tools that facilitate analysis of the University academic and administrative performance.


  • Create an analytical basis of decision making for KSAU leaders
  • Facilitate the management and analysis of KSAU Performance Indicators to measure the institutional performance and to enhance continual improvement in all services and departments
  • Simplify visualizations of KSAU Performance Indicators as graphs and dashboards
  • Assist KSAU colleges to reach valid and accurate data for effective internal benchmarking
  • Support KSAU accreditation processes by providing the required NCAAA performance indicators
  • Align KSAU performance indicators with KSAU strategic goals 2022/2027

To access KPIs Dashboards, kindly fill out the access request form (KPIs Access Request Form) and send it to DQM-DMD@ksau-hs.edu.sa​

URL: KPIs Dashboards Website

​            KPIs Dashboards Manual​

            Guide​ to KSAU-HS Performance Indicators​

KSAU-HS Benchmarking Guide​