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Brief about ADAA system:

The Development and Quality Management Affairs (DQMA) regularly collects data of students, alumni, faculty, facilities, and services. This is conducted for the purpose of assessing institutional effectiveness and ensuring delivery of the University mission and achievement of its goals. Data generated through this process is utilized for enhancing University planning and resources allocation.

Different tools and instruments are utilized to assess University performance such as: the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), self-assessment using the 8 accreditation standards of the Education Evaluation Commission-Higher Education Sector (EEC-HES, formally known as NCAAA), and other performance measurements selected by academic and administrative departments. To maintain consistency and effectiveness of the process of assessment between colleges in the three University campuses, the DQMA adopted the Automated Data for Analytics & Assessment (ADAA) system as a new comprehensive system through following site:


To provide effective tools that facilitate analysis of the University academic and administrative performance.


The ADAA is implemented to achieve the following goals:

  • To create one reliable source for the University data.
  • To ensure data accuracy, consistency, and availability.
  • To provide automation of report generation.
  • To transfer the University into a paperless environment.