​​​Deanship of Student Affairs
The Deanship provides services related to student activities and services in a way that contributes to creating an attractive and supportive university environment for educational attainment. The Deanship of Student Affairs is the body that cares for students outside the classroom. It is also responsible for their activities outside the school curriculum with the aim of building their personalities behaviorally, cognitively and skillfully. The programs of the Deanship of Student Affairs are among the most important methods that give the male and female students the opportunity to communicate and interact with their colleagues in the various faculties of the university, in addition to having contact with their colleagues in other national and international universities.​
Organizational Structure:

1- Student Services
  • ​Nutrition
    • ​Nutrition and low-cost meals in restaurants, canteen, and faculty and respond with student suggestions concerning food quality.
    • ​Insure party, drinks and meals.
  • Student Counseling Advisor

2- Student Activities:
  • Cultural Activities: ​Artistic and cultural activities: lectures, seminars, exhibitions, courses, competitions, and activities in journalism and media.
  • ​Social Activities: visits, short and long trips such as trips to blood donation centers, and participating in social weeks awareness of smoking and the danger of drugs.
  • ​Athletic Activities: Competitions in various sports, and athletic festivals for both young and adults.
  • Support Services: 
-Implementing and declaring student activities and prepare certificates of appreciation.
-Securing private transportation for University activities.
-Providing prizes for winners in competitions and cultural excellent in classroom activities.
-Preparing film about student activities present by the Deanship of Student Affairs.

The Deanship of Student Affairs provides an academic environment and scientific education to achieve inclusive and integrated growth for the student in all aspects of scientific, psychological, behavioral, and skills to produce excellent output at a local level.

-Contribute in preparing conscientious students, constructing spiritually, intellectually and physically.
-Helping and finding balanced personality.
-Educating students and strengthen their sense of belonging to their country.
-Deepening of love in the hearts of university students.
-Providing cultural, social and athletic care.
-Development and refinement of the student potential their talents and employing them in productive work.
-Investment of student leisure time in extracurricular activities.
-Providing health care and mental health for the student.
-Creating conditions for the students to live in the right environment and healthy food.
-Satisfying inclinations of the students to develop their skills in extracurricular areas.
-Raising the spirit of competition.
-Broadening the base of  their friendship and relationship.
​-Familiarizing them with discipline and employment of extra times in a serious and useful work.
-Involvement of the students in programs and projects related to community service.

Contact Us:
​Deanship of Student Affairs
King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences
 Tele: 011-429-5281 
 Fax: 011-429-5297 
​Building: College of Public Health and Health Informatics ​​