About EBM

About EBM Center:
This Center was established with the initiative of his Excellency The current CEO Dr.   Bandar Al Knawy and the support of his Excellency (former CEO of NGHA) ​​Dr.   Abdullah Al Rabeeah in March 2004.

The Official Referral EBM Center:
NGCEBHP is officially recognized by the GCC ministers of Health as an Evidence Based Health Practice referral center for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.   A decree issued with this recognition during the 57th meeting held in Geneva on the 19th of May 2004 (Decree 6 item 3).

Also, it is recognized as the supporting center for various health care sectors in Evidence Based Practice all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on resolution number (7/16) dated 10/06/2012 from Council of Health Services.


Healthcare professionals and decision-makers throughout Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries should be informed by high quality, timely research evidence.  The NGCEBHP will play a pivotal role in the production and dissemination of this evidence across all areas of healthcare.​


NGCEBHP aims to promote the concept & practice of evidence-based medicine in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the GCC countries.

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