Faculty & Staff

The KSAU Faculty and Staff are highly dedicated to the mission and vision of the University, constantly striving to provide the best services possible to the health sciences community. You will find related links which support our Faculty and Staff; e-forms, guides, Faculty Enhancement, job opportunities within the University and others.

# File name Download
Human Resources & Payroll Services
1 Separation Clearance Form Download
2 Short Course Leave Application (Non-Academic) Download
3 TRA Download
4 Professional Leave Application Download
5 Release and Final Settlement Form Download
6 Notification of Return/Non-Return from Scheduled Leave Download
7 Overtime Justification Download
8 Encashment of Unused Airline Ticket/s Download
9 HR Information Access Request Form Download
10 Employee Dependent Education Request For Payment Download
11 Employee Personnel File Request Form Download
12 Employees Working During Holidays Download
13 Non-Academic Employee Appraisal - Probationary Review Download
14 Business Leave Download
15 Cancellation of TRA Download
16 Bank Confirmation Transfer Request Download
17 Application For Change From Transport Service To Monthly Transport Allowance Download
18 Application For Change From Program Housing To Monthly Housing Allowance Download
19 Performance Appraisal Form for Academic Staff Download
20 Performance Appraisal Form for Management and Supervisory Level Download
21 Performance Appraisal Form for Non-Supervisory Level Download
22 Employment Certificate Request Form Download
23 Contract Extension Request Download
24 Retirement Extension Request Download
25 Separation Request Form for Academic Non-Saudi Employee Download
26 Separation Request Form for Non-Academic Employee Download
27 Request for Correction of Personal Information Download
28 Request for Documents from Employee File Download
29 Request for Earning Certificate (Annual Earning) Download
30 Request for Salary Details Download
31 Request for Medical Coverage Download
32 Request to Add or Replace Eligible Dependents Download
33 Assignment of Faculty During the Annual Leave - MNGHA Download
34 Approval of Leave Exceeding 45 or 90 Days Download
35 Leave Without Pay Form (Non-Academic) Download
36 Mid-Year Evaluation form Download
37 Refusal To Sign Performance Evaluation Form Download
38 Probationary Period Extension Agreement Download
Business Development Department
1 ACTIVITY / EVENT FORM (Food Truck & Productive Families​)​ Download
2 Maintenance Download
University Relations and Media Affairs
1 KSAU-HS Visitor Assistance Request Download
2 Event - Meeting Assistance Request Download
3 Media Coverage Service Request Download
4 Graphics Design Request Download
5 Design Lay-Out, Printing & Hanging Approval Download
6 Consent for Photography / Videography and Release Download
7 Speaker-Guest Invitation Form Download
8 Filming Permit Request Download
9 Filming Request Download
10 Publishing Request Download
Office Services
1 Stamp Request Form Download
2 Official Stationery and Envelope Request Download
3 Official Stamp With Logo Download
4 Office Services - Service Request Download
5 Mail Code and Mail Box Request Download
Communications Forms
1 Business Access Code (declaration Of Understanding) Download
2 Business Calls - Fax Log Sheet Download
3 Communications Equipment-Units Transfer Form Request Download
4 Radio and Mobile Phone Receipt Download
5 Request For Business Access Code (BAC) Download
6 Request for Telecommunications System and Service Line Download
7 SMS Messaging Account Request Download
8 Telephone Conversation Recording Request Download
9 Telecommunications Maintenance Service Request Download
10 Telephone Extension Monitoring Request Download
11 Headset Receipt Download
Transportation Department
1 Airport Assistance and Transportation Download
Internal Audit Division
1 Saudi Scientific Association Form Download
Workforce Planning and Rewards
1 Acting Pay Request Download
2 Administrative Workforce Planning Transaction Form Download
3 Academic Workforce Planning Transaction Form Download
4 Department's Assessment Form Download
5 Employee Transfer Form Download
6 Memorandum of Understanding Download
7 Selected Applicants Form Download