Future Student

KSAU strives to attract the most dedicated and aspiring students for its many programs in an effort to elevate the medical field and services within the Kingdom to provide the best medical care for its citizens and residents.

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There is strong competition for seats available to trainees who are admitted to the programs, and training jobs may be given to the best Saudi applicants, if available.

Admission is available to those with a national identity.

All requests for housing are made through the concerned department of King Abdulaziz Medical City according to the establishment system.

Yes, provided that the applicant is registered with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties as a resident or associate doctor.

The applicant must fulfill the conditions mentioned on the website under the "Non-Permanent Specialty Doctors Training" list.

To ensure the safety of the trainee and that it is appropriate to carry out the profession or training mission.

To familiarize the trainee with the procedures and procedures of the establishment such as quality, safety, infection prevention, etc. before the beginning of the training.

No, joining the department and practicing before receiving the card, handing over the medical examination, or before attending the induction program is a violation. The violation of the establishment system may deprive the trainee of training at King Abdulaziz Medical City in Riyadh / King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences.

The trainee must coordinate with the program manager to modify the training schedule upon receipt.

The trainee must visit the Higher Medical Education Department on or before the first day to complete all the forms, and to obtain the training card after all the conditions have been met.

Yes, but after fulfilling the conditions mentioned in the site under the list of "moving from a training center to King Abdulaziz Medical City."

The Department of Higher Medical Education welcomes your inquiries at all times. You can visit us during business hours from 8 am to 5 pm during working days from Sunday to Thursday, King Abdul Aziz Medical City, Gate No. 2, or you can contact us at 0118011111 Ext: 13506.