College of Dentistry Celebrates the Sons of the Duty Martyrs

  • 12/5/2018


 The College of Dentistry in Riyadh Campus celebrated on Wednesday 5 December 2018 the International Volunteer Day in the presence of the sons of the duty martyrs from the soldiers of the Ministry of National Guard. This is a continuation of the social responsibility initiatives organized by the College throughout the year.

 Moreover, the event was opened with an awareness lecture presented by Dr. Huda Al Imam, in which she explained with an interactive way the proper technique of brushing the teeth.  Dr. Huda also explained to the children the risk of ignoring tooth decay and not rushing to treat it before it destroys the entire teeth causing severe pain.

 Furthermore, the students of College of Dentistry interacted with the children of the martyrs in the entertainment rooms, where they gave them Kinetic, electronic and artistic games. In conclusion, the students conducted medical examinations for the children in the clinics of the college and Training them on how to brush their teeth.