Educational Seminar for "Women Driving" at the University

  • 4/24/2018


The University Relations and Media Affairs Department at KSAU-HS in cooperation with the General Administration of Traffic and Najm Insurance Company organized on Monday, 23 April 2018, a "Culture of Driving" seminar, which aimed to introduce the traffic laws, regulations and following safety measures to reduce accidents and danger. The Seminar was held at Conferences centers in the three university campuses.

The representative of the safety department at the General Department of Traffic in Riyadh, Colonel Sanad bin Hamad Al-Sanad presented the traffic plans, figures and statistics of accidents in the Kingdom and the most important reasons and mechanisms to deal with it.  Moreover, Col. Al-Sanad reviewed on his speech a number of videos of some common traffic violations. He also pointed out that women achieve less percentage in accidents than men in all over the world, which makes him optimistic about their success in this experiment.

Therefore, The operation manager of Najm Insurance Services in Riyadh pointed to the importance of the company role in supporting the competent authorities to achieve the traffic safety and provide them with accurate information related to accidents, which contributes to alleviating the causes and reducing them. He added that the company seeks through the development of electronic services and programs to facilitate customer service and increase efficiency.  At the end of his speech, Mr. Munif AlShamari warned from using mobiles devices while driving for causing traffic accidents and deviation and blocking the roads. In addition, he explained that the previous reasons lead to not having insurance rights.


For his part, the Supervisor General of University Relations and Media Affairs at KSAU-HS, Dr. Faisal bin Saad Al Majed, said that the university seeks through this seminar to raise women's awareness of traffic rules and regulations. Furthermore, Dr.AlMajed added that this seminar came within the framework of the guidelines of Saudi Vision 2030, which aimed at empowering women in various labor market sites to benefit from their capabilities and potentials in support of economic activity, stressing that the women driving indicators and effects positively on the Saudi economy. At the end of the seminar, Dr. A lMajed awarded the participants.