Health Professions Conference in Jeddah

  • 1/22/2019


Under the auspices of President of KSAU-HS his Excellency Dr. Bandar bin Abdulmohsen Al Knawy, Deanship of Student Affairs in has organized 2019’s Health Professions Conference in Jeddah campus, which was also organized in Riyadh and Al Ahsa campuses. Health Professions Conference is one of the most important yearly conferences who care about scientific research and modern international experiences.

Moreover, the conference targeted students of health field, doctors, pharmacists and interns. The conference program included the scientific research exhibition in addition to more than 70 scientific lectures and workshops presented by the health colleges daily from 8 am to 5 pm at the university campus. 
Furthermore, the conference launched several workshops aimed at raising students’ awareness of various health practices and how to deal with them. In addition, the conference included a discussion session of the field of research, which was presented by a group of doctors and health practitioners.

Followed by exhibition accompanying the conference, which presents seven initiatives such as, Tatmnaha Initiative that supports cancer patients and enhances their psychological state by fulfilling their wishes, Triple E Initiative that includes a group of health professions. One of the initiatives was Saudi Medical Academy for Volunteering (SMAV) Initiative which cares about qualifying the volunteer from all aspects; science, skill, and value to provide services for Pilgrims in the Hajj and Umrah season.

 Other initiatives were like Makkah the City of the Secured Heart Initiative that aims to aware society by presenting free volunteering workshops about the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation authorized by Saudi Commission, Scientific Researches Initiative that is considered as the biggest research school in the Kingdom. Moreover, VR Initiative was presented in the exhibition, which was a booth that reflects the medical virtual reality by technology. Last Initiative was Blood Donation Bank Initiative.

Moreover, several lectures have been presented in the university’s large auditorium, started by Dr. Rosar Wolly’s lecture entitled “Communication when communication is difficult”. Then, Dr. Ahmad AlShehri’s lecture entitled “Dealing with cultural differences when practicing”. After that, Ms. AlJouhara’s lecture entitled “Suicide prevention hotline”, followed by, Ms. Sulafa Batrajy’s lecture entitled “Emotional intelligence in healthcare”.  Then, Dr. Nizar Bahabry presented a lecture entitled “Social Media isn’t for everyone”. After that, Dr. Kholoud Babukair presented a lecture entitled “Leadership and teamwork emergency room point of view”. Then, Dr. Hatim AlJafry presented a lecture entitled “Reading articles as a clinician.” 

The conference has received great interaction from visitors, students, doctors, and deans.