Career Planning Day in Department of Clinical Skills in Jeddah

  • 9/5/2019


The Department of Clinical Skills at College of Medicine under the supervision of Associate Dean Dr. Hashim Al Marzouqi on Thursday 5/09/2019 organized a career planning day which aims to teach students all the basics and skills necessary to provide them to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Moreover, Dr. Yasser Fadden delivered a speech explaining to the audience ways to write a professional CV and how to organize information according to its importance in the curriculum vitae of medical practitioners, which facilitates the process of career planning to get the appropriate job and full support of the concerned authorities.​

After that, Dr. Fadin talked about the dates of handing the papers to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and taking into account the processing of all the necessary by the student before the application period to avoid the issue of lack of time.  On the other hand, the students were introduced to the sponsors who they are, the way of how to bring sponsors, and how to prepare and publish professional reports.