The University Signs a Contract with the Education and Training Evaluation Authority

  • 9/10/2019


The University and the Education and Training Evaluation Authority, represented by the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment, signed a contract for the implementation of the evaluation study project at the program level. The contract was singed on Monday 9 September 2019 at the University campus in Riyadh. Furthermore, the contract says that the center will provide the evaluation study project at the program level of the Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy Program in the College of Applied Medical Sciences at Riyadh and Al Ahsa campuses. 

However, the contract was signed on behalf of the University by His Excellency the President of KSAU-HS Dr. Bandar Al Knawy and on behalf of the center His Excellency Chairman of the Commission Dr. Husam bin Abdulwahab Zaman. Moreover, Dean of College of Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Bakiri received an honorary award on the accreditation of the College for its program (Pharmacist). 

After the signing, HE the President of the Education Evaluation Authority expressed his thanks to H.E President of KSAU-HS  Dr. Bandar Al Knawy and his staff for this step, stressing that the accreditation of educational institutions institutional or programmatic includes real building of the human capabilities of its employees, and a comprehensive review of learning outcomes and focus on the diversity of its fields, including knowledge, skills and competencies for graduates in order to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 and continuously improve the quality of educational programs.