KSAU-HS Welcomes New Students


The Deanship of Student Affairs celebrated its  new students (Female and Male) through its annual program for the welcoming of new and students on Sunday, 2 September 2018, at 8 am in the conference center for male students and the main hall in the College of Medicine and Nursing for female students.

The ceremony was held at 8:30 am with a recited from the Holy Quran. Then, Associate Dean of Students Affairs and the Head of the Human Studies Department, Dr. Bader Al-Muqbel, delivered a speech of the Deanship of Student Affairs, in which he welcomed the students, indicating that they would be leaders of the future. Dr. Al Muqbel mentioned the role of the deanship and its staff in providing all the help to the students until they graduate. For his part, Dean of College of Sciences and Health Professions, Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Kushi gave a speech about the two preparatory years. He pointed out what the student should achieve and collect in order to move to advanced stages. Moreover, Associate Dean in College of Sciences and Health Professions, Dr. Tala Al Harbi gave a speech in which he explained to new students the environment of the university and how to deal with its challenges. After that, Head of English Department, Mr. Peter Lamb gave an introductory speech about the department. Furthermore, Dr. Meshaal Al Aqeel talked about Students Care Center and its provided services to students during their study in KSAU-HS. In addition, the Department of Security explained the regulations of security and safety inside the university campus and services provided by the department. 

On the other hand, Students Affairs staff gave a brief about their role in serving the new students. In addition, President of Students Club, Muath Al-Dafas, gave a speech on behalf of Students Club and Representative of (Arshidni) initiative, Abdulrahman Al Omar, who talked about the various initiatives and student activities at the club.