Office Of Research


 The Research Support and Development Center (RSDC) supports and funds the scientific research progress of faculty and early-career researchers. The center works with faculty to pursue high-quality research and scholarships by expanding knowledge through research, inquiry, and collaboration.

·         Assisting early-career researchers in establishing a research agenda focusing on research alignment with societal needs and goals.
·         Assisting early-career researchers in discovering accessible university’ resources and growth prospects.
·         Connecting junior researchers with mentors to facilitate and foster interdisciplinary research collaboration.
·         Assisting faculty in identifying potential external funding resources.
·        ​Assisting faculty in completing research proposals and research funding grants for internal and external funding.
·         Encouraging faculty in disseminating research findings through conferences, meetings, and other scholarly events.
·         Arranging collaborative meetings between faculty members and external partners and researchers.
·         Identifying research gaps and providing the training that faculty members might need.
·         Directing faculty members to courses and conferences that best match their research areas.
·         Collaborating with hospitals, colleges, and libraries to offer a wide range of resources.
·        ​Building collaborations with national and international libraries.​​