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Consultation Appointments 

Q:   How do I book an appointment?
A:   Go to the homepage and click on the “schedule an Appointment" box.
       Email your documents to us at

Q:   Is there anything I should bring to an appointment?
A:  Please bring your writing assignment in either hard copy or digital format. Bring any assignment requirements or a description of your project to share with your writing consultant.

Q:   Do I need a full draft in order to schedule a writing consultation?
A:   No, We work with writers at all stages of the writing process.

Q:   What can I expect during a typical session?
A:   Supportive conversation about your writing process.
       Friendly talk about your writing concerns and goal.
       Our writing consultants do not edit or proofread your paper; instead they teach you strategies to help you become a better writer.

Q:   Can you proofread my paper?
A:   No, we do not offer copyediting or proofreading during writing consultation. Our goal is to help you grow as independent academic writers.

Q:   How long will my sessions last?
A: Sessions last between 30 and 45 minutes during office hours on Mondays and Wednesday (from 10am-12pm).

Q:   Where is the Scientific Writing Center located?
A: We are on the second floor of the College of Public Health and Health Informatics, around the corner from the Office of Research.

​Q:   Do you accept walk-ins?
A: We do accept walk-ins if there are no appointments already booked. However, as we are appointment-based, there is no guarantee that our writing consultants will be available during office hours. We highly recommend making an appointment ahead of time to ensure that you make the best use of your time.​