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The Scientific Writing Centre (SWC) offers a range of support services for the written academic socialization of KSAU-HS affiliates. Our program goes beyond basic proofreading services to provide individual editing services that target the specific language obstacles to international journals' submission acceptance.


▪      Language Editing
Manuscripts from faculty and students can be submitted for proofreading. We use Word's Track Changes feature to edit the submitted draft, make suggestions, and improve organization, sentence structure, and wording. You will receive two copies: one clean copy and one with the changes indicated by the Track Changes.

​▪      Scientific Writing Workshops
We offer several group writing workshops, tutorials, and online resources tailored to KSAU-HS affiliates' needs in the early stages of their research and writing process.

▪      Translation Services
Our language services also include interlingual translation (English<>Arabic). We provide adequate translations based on quality assessment models.

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▪      Consultation Appointments
Writing consultations are available for graduate students seeking assistance at any stage of the writing process. Our consultants do not edit or correct your work, but teach you how to revise and edit your own work.

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