University Research Board
The University Research Board shall function as an academic governance and management advisory body to provide strategic direction, oversight and sustainability of research activities at KSAU-HS, and to ensure that all research and management practices are conducted responsibly, ethically and in the interest of the societal needs.

Strive to achieve the university’s mission and vision through the provision of service and resources to faculty, students and staff that stimulate research and other creative endeavors.
Develop and oversee the university research strategic plan to help the university fully leverage its research strengths and expertise and expand its research areas (epidemiological and disease-based studies, biomedical-sciences, clinical trials, health system management and policy, educational, social and behavioral research) in alignment with the societal needs, interests and priorities. 
Develop and periodically review research policies, procedures and guidelines to manage the university research and ensure its quality and integrity.
Ascertain the enforcement of ethical considerations on all research activities including conflict of interest, misconduct and plagiarism, in accordance with international ethical standards.  
Identify key processes and resources that must be in place and barriers that must be removed.
Facilitate the attractions of new external research funding and enhance partnerships and collaborations between the university and government agencies, foundations, philanthropists, corporations, industry and national/global research enterprises.
Identify research opportunities at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) and stimulate interdisciplinary research collaborations. 
Review and approve research proposals of faculty, and monitor and report the progress and outcomes of approved research projects.
Facilitate and promote research among new and junior faculty by providing mentoring and learning opportunities, including workshops, research day and monthly lecture series to highlight research on KSAU-HS campuses.
Encourage and support intellectual and research interests of faculty and reward major individual research programs and interdisciplinary research initiatives.
Coordinate research activities across the university campuses, optimize the functioning of research units of colleges and standardize metrics for monitoring and reporting their research activities.
Submit to the President a written annual report of the work of the Board no later than October 1st of the following academic year.