Student Research Board 

KSAU-HS has established the Student Research Board, in order to spread the culture of scientific research among university students by training them in basic skills in preparing scientific research proposals, choosing between the appropriate scientific curricula and the subsequent collection and analysis of data, research writing and presenting it in conferences and symposia. Scientific journal and published in Peer-Review Journals. 
The University seeks to contribute the effort of the Council to enable the students to:

 Knowledge and understanding of the ethical aspects of scientific research, especially in the fields of medicine and health sciences.
The ability to formulate the problem of researching in a scientific question that is able for study and creating surveys. 
Research in sources and references for literature review related to the subject of the research.
Writing a research proposal.
Understand the appropriate methods and tools to conduct scientific studies.
 Sample selection.
Collect and inter data on scientific study.
Basic skills in statistical analysis programs such as SPSS.
Conduct descriptive statistical analysis.
Interpreting the results of statistical analysis.
Presentation skills and show the scientific studies results in an interesting scientific way.
Ability to search and retrieve information and data from clinical cases.