The Vice Presidency of Female Af​fairs:

The Vice Presidency of Female Affairs (VPFA) in Saudi universities was established by the Ministry of Education Decree No. 333 issued on 9/4/1439 Hijri, (27/12/2017). One of the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 is to empower women in the labor market and continue developing and investing in their talents for the benefit of the economy of the Kingdom. 

The Office of the Vice President, Female Affairs in King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences was established on the 19th of March, 2018 to provide high-quality academic and administrative management and to support all female campuses as a way to fulfil the university's mission. The Office of the Vice President, Female Affairs covers all the female colleges as well as female branches in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Ahsa.


Our Mission:

To promote leadership by providing high-qualit​y academic and administrative management and support all female campuses as a way to fulfil the mission of the University

Our Goals:

​​To achi​eve the mission and strategic goals of the university that are aligned with the Ministry of Education strategies in view of the Saudi Vision 2030.

To ensure functional reporting of Deans, Associate Deans in different colleges, and Deanships for female branches to the Vice President Female Affairs (VPFA) for non-direct academic (to confirm the smooth of running the academic programs) and all administrative issues related to female staff.

To be responsible for the administrative management in the female colleges/female branches (such as buildings, manpower, purchasing, financial issues …etc.). 

To approve disbursement from the university's budget and custody according to the rules and regulations applied in the University. 

To form temporary committees, taskforces and standing committees to finalize tasks related to female colleges or affiliated units, with a clear agenda and identification of tasks and responsibilities in coordination with the concerned parties. 

To ensure the execution of unified university internal policies and procedures and internal quality assurance system. 

To oversee the scientific, non-scientific and cultural events held at the University's female campus (conferences, seminars, general lectures, etc.). 

To continue upgrading the female campus infrastructure and environment to improve the quality of education.

To utilize all available resources efficiently to meet the campuses' needs.

To work in collaboration with the University Vice Presidents to serve the University's strategies for female colleges. 

To build positive relations and communication channels with all sectors within and outside the University through exchanging administrative and scientific experiences.  

To encourage women female staff to excel in their achievement.​