​​​​​By attendance of the Vice President of Female Affairs 

​The Female University Campus celebrating the Saudi national day



0n behalf of his excellency, President of the University Dr.Bandar Al Knawy, Vice President of Female Affairs Dr.Haya Al Fozan kicked off the ceremonies of the Saudi national day in the female campus on Wednesday 25th of September 2019. The ceremony began with the national anthem followed by recital of the Holy Quran by the student Nada Al Shehri. Then an entrancing national dialogue performed by five children from King Saud Bin Abdulaziz kindergarten. The University speech was delivered by Dr. Haya Al Fozan, VPFA.  Later on, Dr.Asma Al Zahrani , member of Shura council and faculty member at KSAU-HS, had given a national speech. Poetry had a share of the ceremony, where Dr. Lamia Al-Aqeel, Deputy female Sector, Arabic Language Institute at Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, ignited the national enthusiasm of the huge audience with her national poems.

Dr.Haya Al Fozan had honored the guests who attended the ceremony Dr.Asma Al Zahrani and Dr.Lamya Al Ageel, and announced the winning corners in the exhibition. Onwards, the rest of the program ceremonies were resume with a warm cheer by the attendees for the kindergarteners' entrance on to the stage with the blaring anthems of the operetta (Rafref Ya Akhdar). Afterword, an amazing show with the Saudi Arabia's national dance (Al Ardah) was organized by group of university students to mark the end of the ceremonies. The attendees enjoyed the exhibition that showed the creativity of the students' renderings of Saudi Arabia eras. In which, the corner of the Second Saudi State presented by College of Nursing has won the first place. The Saudi Vision corner, presented by the Colleges of Dental and Applied Medical Science took the second place. In the third place, the Second Saudi State presenting by College of Science and Health Professions. ​