​​About Women Empowerment Department (TDM)

​The Kingdom directed its fruits of development and comprehensive plans that pervades all areas of life to the citizen and citizenship in the first place on the basis that the citizen development is the real fruit and the first indicator to be taken into account when evaluating development plans or talking about their results. Women have a privileged position for their role in building society, supporting its cohesion, and drawing a bright picture for its future. Therefore, utilizing its capabilities to actively participate in leading the change policy in our country is one of the most important goals of the Kingdom's 2030 vision, so that the issue of empowering women has become one of the main slogans in this vision.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of empowering Saudi women is the leadership's interest in supporting them to obtain leadership positions and providing all sorts of opportunities for creative, educated and privileged female leaders to participate in the renaissance and construction of educational institutions. It also focuses on encouraging them to produce and excel, while adhering to the Islamic teachings and traditions.

Our Mission:

Enhancing the role of women in community development and continuing to cultivate their leadership skills and supporting their decision-making positions.

Our Goals:

Highlighting on women's lea​dership and supervisory capabilities to contribute in KSAU-HS development path.

Supporting women's contribution to achieve development in light of Saudi Vision 2030.

Developing entrepreneurial spirit to create paths of creativity and innovation.

Supporting and highlighting the participation of women in all scientific and research fields, especially with regard to health sciences.

Promoting and supporting professional, managerial and health training programs to raise skills and support professional development.

Developing the national sense of female participation in community service and volunteer work.

Improving and developing a stimulating work environment to raise performance and achieve work satisfaction.

Main Programs:

  1. Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  2. Enhancing Leadership Skills

  3. Training and Development

  4. Health Volunteering

  5. Quality of Life

  6. Family Affairs Program​

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Contact​ Us:​ Tdm@ksau-hs.ed.sa​

Ms. Khlood Al Mutairi

Coordinator, Ext: 99813

Ms. Layla Al Omari​

Administrative Assistant III, Ext: 99004

Email: alamrila@ksau-hs.edu.sa​